Master of Arts Professional Degrees

Master of Arts Professional Degrees

Our new professional master of arts degrees combine vocational training with crucial biblical and theological concepts, taught through the topical lens of practical theology.

Whether you desire to serve in a ministry, non-profit, business, or the public sector, today’s leaders need the knowledge and skills to engage a diverse and ever-changing world with competency and integrity. Our commitment to prepare students to engage the needs of the world motivated Denver Seminary to redesign our professional master of arts (MA) degrees to better equip leaders. The new MA degree prepares students to serve Christ and others in a wide range of vocational ministry and professional contexts.

These degrees combine vocational training with crucial biblical and theological concepts, taught through the topical lens of practical theology. Students will engage in a collaborative learning community and through biblical and theological reflection to acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to navigate change, power dynamics, and conflict in diverse cultural, organizational, and entrepreneurial settings.

All professional MA degrees integrate key ideas from cultural engagement, leadership, and Christian formation into the required coursework, allowing more efficiently curricular design for those seeking professional application of their degree.

Who should pursue a professional MA degree?

The professional MA degrees are intended for students who plan to engage in a specific form of Christian service requiring training different from the master of divinity degree. By studying in an area of specialization, you will be equipped to serve in a specific capacity needed by both the Christian and secular communities. The academic rigor of the classes will challenge you to work out your faith and knowledge of your field of study with creativity and diligence.

The MA programs will prepare students to better engage in leadership roles inside and out-side the church or to find positions in non-profit work.The potential combinations of degrees such as an MA in leadership with a certificate in cultural engagement or an MA in cultural engagement with a certificate in Christian thought and ministry, reflect and attractive and important integrations between disciplines and ministry/workplace specialization.

Block System

The professional MA programs include the 28-hour core courses, 12 hours of major courses and 12 hours of courses leading to a certificate. Students can choose a certificate in cultural engagement, leadership, Christian formation or spiritual direction.  These professional MAs will operate on a three block system.

Block 1: Professional MA Core (28 credits)

The professional MA core, combines crucial biblical and theological concepts and teaches them through the topical lens of practical theology. In addition, the MA core will share foundational content from cultural engagement, Christian formation and leadership degrees interwoven within the core frameworks.The final piece is a practical, hands-on internship experience in which all students must participate as a part of the MA core block.

Block 2: Degree Core (12 credits)

This block provides coursework specific to these respective disciplines. Students will choose either cultural engagement, leadership, or Christian formation as their MA. A new modality for this block is the use of conference-based instruction to create opportunities for networking, deeper thinking, and how to engage current issues in the community, local church, and a global context

Block 3: Completing a Certificate (12 credits)

The third block is an opportunity for students to graduate with a certificate that enhances their practical skills and hands-on learning and contributes to their marketability to potential employers.  Certificates communicate an additional level of knowledge and hard skills to employers and deepen the integration of their major content with a related discipline.  Students will choose a certificate option from the areas of cultural engagement, leadership, Christian formation, or spiritual direction. 

On Campus, Online, or a Combination of Both.

As a professional MA student, you’ll choose a learning modality that fits your learning preferences and lifestyle. Courses are available on campus, fully online or a combination of both.

MA Professional Degrees


  • Leadership
  • Cultural Engagement
  • Christian Formation
  • Details regarding certificates to come


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