MA in Counseling Ministries

MA in Counseling Ministries

Do you feel like you are called to be a counselor, but maybe not in the context of a traditional fifty-minute session? The master of arts in counseling ministry provides high quality training in counseling with the well-rounded biblical and theological foundations for which Denver Seminary is known. This degree is designed to prepare students to be capable counselors who are able to integrate their Christian faith with competent pastoral care and counseling abilities. Students can find themselves employed in numerous church, parachurch, and ministry positions where pastoral care and counseling skills are utilized. For some faith groups, this degree may suffice for ordination.

Collectively, this degree prepares you to offer wise, biblically-informed guidance and counsel in settings other than licensed, professional therapy. If God is moving you toward a non-licensed counseling ministry, then the MA in Counseling Ministries is right for you.

Note: This program will not qualify a student for licensure by the state of Colorado. If you are interested in licensure, please refer to the master of arts in counseling licensure degrees.

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Faculty Highlight

Dr. Monte Hasz is assistant professor of counseling whose professional areas of interest include brief therapy, development, marriage and family, and men’s issues. Dr. Hasz continues to maintain a part-time private practice and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and the Colorado Psychological Association (CPA).

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How can I use this degree?

  • Provide crisis counseling in both Christian and secular environments that do not require licensure
  • Counseling in church and other parachurch settings that do not require licensure
  • Ministering in Christian and secular humanitarian/social action programs
  • International ministry settings

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