Counseling Division

Counseling Division

You want to help people, don’t you? The question is: How do you want to help?

If counseling in some form or another has crossed your mind, we have several different degrees you could pursue at Denver Seminary, which involve counseling. What that means is, you have choices and can find a degree that supports what you aspire to do.

Clinical counselor. School counselor. Addictions counseling. Marriage and family counseling. Chaplain in the military, a hospital, sports team, nursing home, hospice, law enforcement/fire protection unit. Small groups pastor. Youth Pastor. Whatever the role you want, we know how to get you where you want to go.

For those interested in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, our onsite clinic—Denver Counseling Center—has supervision to facilitate your licensure process and we are connected with over 150 local clinics for internships. Also, for those interested in chaplaincy, Denver Seminary holds the distinction of being one of only three ACPE accreditation centers across the whole country.  

Programs in the Counseling Division

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